About Us

White Glove Consulting is a Medicaid consulting firm that guides families and seniors through the complex process of applying for Medicaid. Whether you own a home, have a substantial amount of money in resources, or your monthly income is above the Medicaid allowable, here at White Glove Consulting we can assist anybody and everybody in becoming eligible for Community Medicaid.

Because of our expertise, we are not limited to helping just families but are also recognized as professional Medicaid consultants throughout the entire Health Care industry. We do plenty of consulting work for nursing homes, certified and licensed home care agencies, hospitals, assisted living facilities, etc. Most people that are referred to us are not eligible for Medicaid and therefore we work with them to make them eligible.

One of the greatest things about us is that the certified home health agencies accept our Medicaid pending applications and therefore there is a possibility for home care services to begin while the Medicaid approval is still pending. Once the Medicaid gets approved, the agency can back bill Medicaid for the pending services that were provided.

White Glove Consulting is certified by NYC Medicaid. Our staff is well trained by the Human Resources Administration, Department of Social Services, and we are always up to date on the most current changes of any rules or regulations.

At White Glove Consulting, customer service is our top priority. We handle each case as if it's our only one, and we do anything possible to make the process easier on our clients.

Call us today at 718-878-3666 and begin to experience everything White Glove Consulting has to offer!